Webinars : Consequences of heat stress on ruminants and monogastrics

Find here the video recordings of these two webinars!

1 for dairy cows on Tuesday 16 June 2020 at 9am (CEST)

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Summary of the presentation: Dairy cows are most productive inside a range of temperatures referred to as the thermal neutral zone. When climatic conditions are above their thermal neutral zone (upper critical temperature) they fail to dissipate heat efficiently to the environment and physiological and metabolic adaptation mechanisms are initiated, which always compromise their productive potential [...] >> Read more

1 for monogastrics on Monday 15 June 2020 at 9am (CEST)

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Summary of the presentation: The aim of this Webinar is to elucidate how heat stress affects monogastric system biology and how does this in turn translate in performance losses. An assessment of production losses along with their aetiology in relation to monogastric species at different stages of production is provided (broilers, growing finishing pigs, laying hens and sows). Finally, an overview of certain micronutrients which are regularly included in premixes, or provided in heat stress conditions, for which there is an extensive body of literature is presented in relation to their importance and levels of supplementation [...] >> Read more


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