Benjamin Albert presents the job of Production Operator

The job of Production Operator at CCPA is a rewarding and autonomous job that offers responsibilities and opportunities for career development. Discover Benjamin Albert's testimony in video.

At CCPA, we are proud to offer a wide variety of jobs for all types of profiles. If you are looking for a job with a company that values its employees and allows them to develop their careers, then welcome to CCPA. We offer jobs on the factory floor as well as other positions that require a variety of skills.

Production Operator: Benjamin Albert presents his job at CCPA

Today, we would like to introduce you to the job of Production Operator, in particular that of Benjamin Albert, who is a doser & dosing assistant in our Janzé plant. Benjamin told us that this is a unique job with a lot of responsibility and that it is very rewarding. As a Production Operator, he is responsible for ensuring that the plant runs smoothly, that the product quality is maintained and that safety is maintained in the workplace.

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Benjamin's job is crucial for the smooth running of our factory. He must be able to prepare and dose the different ingredients that are used in the production of our products. This requires great precision and constant attention. He is also responsible for waste management and cleaning the equipment after each use.

One of the advantages of this job is the autonomy it offers. Production Operators are responsible for their own work and are encouraged to take initiative to improve processes. This makes them feel valued and involved in the success of the company.


CCPA, a company that values its employees​

At CCPA, we offer our employees continuous training to develop their skills and advance their careers. As a Production Operator, Benjamin also has the opportunity to train for other positions within the plant. This diversity of tasks and the opportunity to progress within the company is a key part of our corporate culture.

If you are looking for a job that offers responsibility, autonomy and the opportunity to progress in your career, then the Production Operator role at CCPA could be a great opportunity. Come and join our dynamic and passionate team.

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