The nutritional approach to rabbits

The nutritional approach to rabbit farming devised by the CCPA Group is based on comprehensive feed programmes for the different physiological stages (gestating and suckling does, young rabbits, finisher rabbits), exploiting natural solutions based on plant extracts, essential oils and natural antioxidants. The CCPA Group’s specialist nutritionists also provide their clients with assistance and advice by means of various technical / economic and veterinary diagnostics audit services.

The CCPA Group has undertaken a number of major research and development projects hinging on:

Demedication and digestive flora

Ensuring better control of the quality of the intestinal flora in rabbits is essential in the context of demedication. The flora is complex and influences nutrient digestion. A good balance of the flora helps to combat the development of undesirable bacteria. The research undertaken by the CCPA Group has shown that the combination of vegetal actives helps to encourage the establishment of beneficial flora, alleviate the negative consequences of inflammation and maintain the well-being of the animals during difficult phases (weaning, the perinatal period, infectious episodes, etc.). The nutrients in the feed are therefore absorbed more efficiently and the intestinal barrier provides better protection against potentially pathogenic bacteria.

>> Axion® Vital, incorporated in the rabbit feed during the entire finishing period, combines vegetal extracts, vitamins and essential oils and encourages the development of beneficial intestinal microflora. In focusing on the rabbits’ digestive balance and intestinal comfort, the nutrients in the feed are better used in the production of meat. We thus see better growth and vitality in the rabbits.

Proven benefits*:

  • -3% feed gain ratio,
  • +29% kg of meat produced.

>> Feedstim, a nutritional additive incorporated in the maternity feed or distributed by top feeding, exploits vitamins and a Scutellaria extract, patented by the CCPA Group. This natural nutritional solution sustains milk production in the doe, facilitates parturition and helps to improve the quality of the young rabbits. The young rabbits are heavier and stronger and their growth more even. Feedstim is especially recommended for hyperprolific does for which the perinatal period and lactation are critical stages.

Proven benefits*:

  • +9% weight gain in young rabbits at 21 days, in primiparas,
  • +11% weight gain in young rabbits at 21 days, in multiparas.

Meat quality

Because of its composition, rabbit meat is one of the most nutritional meats available. But, through careful nutrition of the animals, it is possible further to enhance the organoleptic and nutritional quality of this meat and improve its added value. The CCPA Group has thus devised a number of original feed formulations, the Méga® range, which combine raw materials rich in omega-3s with vegetal extracts and natural antioxidants. The nutritional programmes we have developed help, for instance, to improve the homogeneity of carcass weights and the yield observed at slaughter, increase the omega-3 content of the meat and limit lipid oxidation.

>> Méga® Protect

Lipid oxidation is the most important cause of impairment of the sensory and nutritional quality of meats, meat preparations and meat-based products. This oxidation causes irreversible changes in the taste, flavour, colour and texture of products, leading to a reduction in their shelf life.

A nutritional additive incorporated in feed in finisher rabbits, Méga® Protect improves the quality of the meat and its conservation, reducing lipid oxidation and water loss on cooking. Its formulation incorporates a combination of rigorously selected plant extracts and natural antioxidants.


* These results come from trials conducted on livestock farms and at the experimental station.

Other nutritional solutions and programmes have been rolled out. Please feel free to contact us!

A range of related services:

>> A laboratory analysis service, to gain exact knowledge on the quality of your raw materials and feeds

>> The stillbirth veterinary audit: autopsy on stillbirths and identification of the causes of stillbirth in rabbits

>> Metabolic assessments: blood tests, Axiscale® diagnostics to assess oxidative stress in the animals

>> Gestation assessments: autopsies on gestating does, estimation of embryo mortality

>> A biotechnology platform, based on an experimental station and a reference network of farms in the field to get stand-out product innovations and services of proven efficiency

>> An expertise in formulation and raw materials to design your different feed formulas

>> A Zootechnical follow-up in the field by rabbit specialists, engineers and veterinarians


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