Employee profile : discover their job in video

This year, our employees are honored through video interviews that highlight their jobs. These portraits allow you to discover these women and men who work every day for the development of the CCPA Group.

Our employees tell you about their jobs!

Each month, discover one of CCPA's jobs through the testimony of one of our employees. 

Thanks to these different videos, our employees highlight the values of the CCPA Group: C.A.R.E.

A collaborator, a profession:

Florence Faucheux - Groupe CCPA Anne Guidi - Groupe CCPA
 Florence FAUCHEUX

Communication Officer
(Communication Department)

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Export Account Manager
(General Services Department)

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Alexandre Bourrée - Groupe CCPA Sébastien Chouan - Groupe CCPA
 Alexandre BOURRÉE

Technical & Commercial Specialist
(Export Department)

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Sébastien CHOUAN

Management Control Manager
(Management Control Department)

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Thierry Cornu - Groupe CCPA
Thierry CORNU

IS Project Manager
(IS Department)

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Ruminant Engineer
(Ruminant Department)

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Jean-Sébastien PRESSE

Export Manager
(Export Department)

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Florence BRETEL

Development & Operational
(Deltavit Tregueux Laboratory)

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Mathieu RICHIR

IT Technician
(IS Department)

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Veterinarian & Scientist
(R&D Department)

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Sandrine MORIN

Export Customer Service
(Customer Department)

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Benjamin ALBERT

Production Operator
(CCPA Factory)

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Formulation Manager
(Formulation Department)

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Abigail HASLÉ

HR Development Officer
(HR Department)

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Marketing Analyst
(Marketing Asia Department)

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Panagiotis SAKKAS

R&D Project Manager
(R&D Department)

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