The nutritional approach to ruminants

The CCPA Group’s nutritional solutions for ruminants are intended to improve the profitability of livestock farms and are based on extensive zootechnical expertise and field intelligence. The products, which come complete with services and specific advice and assistance, meet the main requirements of ruminant livestock farming: feed efficiency, productivity, heat stress management and the growth of young livestock…

The CCPA Group helps and advises its clients, with a range of specific solutions and services, which deal with the main issues on ruminant farms:

Improving feed ration efficiency and making savings on formulation

From 3 to 10% potential savings on your formulas!

Based on an acute knowledge of raw materials with analyses made at its Artémis Laboratory, the CCPA Group has developed specific formulation matrices and criteria to improve the efficiency of your ruminant feed rations. 

Among these innovative formulation techniques:

  • ONE is the CCPA Group’s original approach to formulation developed to optimise protein efficiency in ruminant feed rations,
  • the natural additives range VivActiv'® improves protein and energy exploitation of ruminant feed rations. By using products appropriate to the different feed rations (rich in fibres, starch, etc.), VivActiv'® helps to improve production performances in dairy cows, beef cattle, goats and sheep.

Feed efficiency is also optimised in the rationing software Chorus® Ruminant 4.0, a reference tool for nutrition technicians in livestock farming.

Optimising dairy production by cutting back on the use of antibiotics

Managing health through feed

Preparation for giving birth, the start of lactation, allocation and feed transition periods are all critical situations in which ruminants suffer metabolic disturbances and are more sensitive to certain pathologies. The CCPA Group has developed appropriate nutritional programmes to sustain them in these periods, among them:

  • Feedstim is an additive based on a patented plant extract that helps to improve dairy production and persistence, while increasing the longevity of the animals, 

Sustaining production performance during heat stress:

  • Thermo® Plus encourages consumption in dairy cows and beef cattle during hot weather conditions. The quantities ingested are maintained and the nutritional needs for milk or meat production are covered,
  • ThermoTool application quickly and easily evaluates  the level of heat stress on each livestock farm in order to' get useful nutritional advice to track and lessen the consequences of this stress.

Optimising growth in dairy heifers:

  • the CCPA Group has developed a range of nutritional solutions, starter feeds, dietary feeds and feed programmes to optimise the growth and morphological development of heifers, 
  • the Galascorus software evaluates and tracks the growth and morphology of dairy heifers on livestock farms.

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A range of associated services:

>> A unique exclusive ruminant feed rationing software package for cutting edge nutritional management of all your ruminant feed rations: Chorus® Ruminant 4.0

>> A laboratory analysis service, for precise knowledge of quality of your raw materials and feeds

>> A biotechnology hub to provide stand-out product and service innovations in your markets

>> Expertise in formulation and raw materials to produce your various feed formulas

>> Zootechnical follow-up in the field by ruminant specialists, engineers and veterinarians

>> A range of technical and sales training courses to transfer knowledge and know-how to your colleagues

>> Assistance and advice with marketing and media to build and organise your range of products and services


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