Feed efficiency and animal health through ongoing innovation

A 360° research hub

Each year, the Group engages in research with significant resources, both human and financial. The research programmes aim is to improve the competitiveness of the sector, the quality of the products, feed safety, animal well-being and respect for the environment. They also endeavour to simplify the implementation of the techniques and products used in livestock farming.

Through its specialists, the CCPA Group nurtures a close relationship with its clients and business partners in such a way as to come up with innovations that meet farmers’ needs in the field. Nutrition engineers, formulators and veterinarians are also involved in the development of fresh intelligence on the needs of animals and the best use of raw materials, always striving for greater efficiency and safety.

CCPA Group R&D

In addition to its research work, it monitors any emerging scientific and technical issues with species veterinarians and engineers.


The CCPA Group has a considerable general research & innovation system with unique tools and special relationships in France and overseas:

EURONUTRITION SAS is Europe’s leading private-sector experimentation centre, specialising in nutrition and livestock farming in monogastrics.

> 1 pilot feed facility, 1 chemistry laboratory, 4 animal stations

More than 190 trials per annum, i.e. more than 1,030 systems tested per annum

A network of CCPA reference farms validates the innovations under actual farm conditions.

> More than 60 livestock farms in France and overseas

International scientific collaboration

The CCPA Group is involved in large-scale university research projects

> The CCPA Group is involved, for example, in the European ProHealth, Feedscreen and Wehlbeef projects

Networks of experimental partners in France (ITCF, INRA, Chambre d'Agriculture...) and overseas (Kansas State University, Newcastle University...) help to confirm and conduct experiments on the most promising discoveries.

The Artémis Laboratory, one of the partners of the CCPA Group, is very involved in the work on the relationships between Nutrition, Health, Immunity and Oxidative and Inflammatory Stress. It assisted with the development of AXISCALE® livestock diagnostics with a version dedicated to each species. It is also deeply involved in the CCPA Group’s work on phytoexpertise.​

> 1,400 m² of laboratory space, 120,000 analyses per annum

An international documentation centre gathers together all of the scientific, technical and economic publications on the animal sector and is a valuable source of data.

> More than 80 international scientific publications in the last 12 years



CCPA receives the International Development Prize

14 February 2020

During the 34th edition of the Oscars of Ille-et-Vilaine, which took place on 13 February in Janzé, the Oscar in the International...

The Turkish company BETA TARIM joins the CCPA GROUP

22 October 2019

After 10 years of collaboration, the CCPA Group and BETA TARIM have decided to join forces to better serve the Turkish animal nutrition market.

DIN’s Day - A way to celebrate and work

17 May 2019

DIN, CCPA Group’s Portuguese subsidiary, celebrates the 2° edition of « DIN’s DAY », an internal event in which all the company's...

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