Anticipating and meeting your needs in Latin America

Aware of the specificities of the Latin American markets, the teams at Nutristar International – a subsidiary of the CCPA Group – offer their clients (integrators, distributors and livestock farmers) a dedicated range in animal nutrition and health, including services, help and advice and nutritional solutions appropriate to their needs.

For more than fifteen years, phytoexpertise has been at the heart of the CCPA Group’s know-how for all animal species, poultry, pigs and ruminants. In addition to the Janzé facility, near Rennes, the Group possesses several tools which are unique in Europe, enabling it to respond to a particular concern in the world today: How can we cut back on the use of antibiotics in animal production?

The research into natural alternatives to growth factors, managing immunity and heat stress or controlling hepatic health in poultry are crucial technical and economic concerns on Latin American livestock farms.

To deal with them, Nutristar International a CCPA Group subsidiary in Latin America has been offering its clients, since 2013, a range of nutritional solutions appropriate to the demands of the Latin American markets and a series of services to help with the development of its clients.

Discover the solutions available below

>> Brio® Liver, incorporated in the feed or added to drinking water, improves liver function and reactivates animal consumption

>> ProActiv'®Poultry, incorporated in the feed, in balanced feed, improves the digestibility of the diet and intestinal integrity 

>> Axion®FeedStim, incorporated in the feed, stimulates consumption, immunity, decreases inflammation and improves growth and posture during delicate periods (rapid growths, peak posture, Heat stress).

>> Brio® Mite and Delta® Acariflash, nutritional solutions that limit the impact of mite infestations on the farm.



>> Axion® ThermoControl, incorporated in the feed or the premix, maintains performance in cases of heat stress 

>> Axion® Sow'Ax, incorporated in the feed or the premix, stimulates milk production in sows and promotes the health and growth of the piglets 






>> VivActiv'®, incorporated in the feed, naturally improves the exploitation of the protein and energy in the feed ration, leading to improved performance for dairy and beef ruminants 

>> Axion® ThermoPlus, incorporated in the feed, maintains performance in cases of heat stress


Other nutritional solutions are also available. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information!

Dedicated services to help your development:

>> Formulation 

>> Livestock nutrition and techniques 

>> Research & Development oversight

>> Optimisation of industrial processes 

>> Made to order nutritional specialities 

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