Cooperatives Union

In the blue inset to the side: A cooperative is a private economic development company driven by a certain number of core values: personal and mutual accountability, democracy, equality, equity and solidarity among its members.

As a union of agricultural cooperatives, our Board of Directors is composed of cooperatives represented by farmers. As such, CCPA enjoys a specific, formalised legal status. This cooperative status manifests in a specific method of governance with considerable operating transparency, for example, collective decision-making by the Board of Directors, roles shared between Chairman and Director, etc. In the field, we find a strong sense of ethics in the management of relations with members, who are also clients.

The six member cooperatives on the CCPA Group's board of Directors


Florence Faucheux - Groupe CCPA Anne Guidi - Groupe CCPA Anne Guidi - Groupe CCPA


Administrator of ARTERRIS
and Chairman of CCPA



Administrator of UNEAL
(UNEAL Group)

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Administrator of EUREDEN
(Cooperative EUREDEN)

Florence Faucheux - Groupe CCPA Anne Guidi - Groupe CCPA Anne Guidi - Groupe CCPA

Administrator of ALTITUDE

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Administrator of TERRENA
(Cooperative TERRENA)


Administrator of UNICOR
(UNICOR Group)

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The FCPE representative on the CCPA Group Board of Directors​

Florence Faucheux - Groupe CCPA

 Cédric FAURE

Representative of FCPE
on the CCPA Board of Directors


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