Supporting the development of organic livestock farms

A major player in organic livestock production for nearly 20 years, the CCPA Group now covers more than 55% of the French premix market for organic poultry. The company offers a specific range of nutritional programmes and services for each species that meets the requirements and needs of this booming market.

Meeting the needs and requirements of organic livestock farming

Whether in its areas of research and formulation or, in the selection of ingredients and active vegetal principles, the CCPA Group is committed to the development of effective and profitable natural nutritional programmes for livestock farms.
The natural solutions aim for optimal performance on livestock farms, while guaranteeing a high quality finished animal products.
In organic production, the use of these premixes and dietary feeds helps the livestock to adapt to their environment and, among other things, eases the transition through delicate phases in livestock development.

Principal solutions per species:


>> FeedStim range, incorporated in the feed, contains various sources of natural antioxidants. This nutritional solution stimulates feed consumption in periods of stress: start of laying, peak lay, heat stress, etc. The needs of poultry are thus more fully covered. The feed conversion rate is significantly improved, as are the rate of lay and the ADG.

>> ProActiv’® Flore UAB, incorporated in the feed, is composed of a synergetic combination of vegetal extracts. This nutritional solution guarantees a good balance of the intestinal flora and better intestinal integrity. Feed digestion is increased, adding to better results on livestock farms.



>> VivActiv'® range, incorporated in the feed, is a combination of specific plant extracts and essential oils. This nutritional technique makes better use of the energy and protein in the feed ration. With product solutions tailored to diets rich in fibre and fat or rich in starch, VivActiv'® results in improved production performance in dairy and beef ruminants.

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Comprehensive assistance and advice for organic feed manufacturers:

The CCPA Group provides its organic food manufacturers customers with personalized support, by providing them with the company's various expertise and know-how. Food formulation and quality control of raw materials are major points to be controlled. Consulting services in organic raw material formulation and sourcing, as well as regulatory monitoring specific to this market, are offered. The CCPA Group's species specialists also provide nutritional and zootechnical support adapted to organic animal production, supplemented by farm audits.


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