Engage our know-how with passion for the competitiveness and sustainability of the livestock sector

« Engage our know-how with passion for the competitiveness and sustainability of the livestock sector »

The CCPA Group was born of this desire to pool resources, ideas and expertise. Its history has also been forged on this ever-changing strength. We always bear in mind that our shareholders are also breeders and that, ultimately, breeding results and practices must be improved.

CCPA group's values, CARE : creativity ambition respect and efficiency

A Group proud of its values

#C: Creativity

Creativity drives our success. We encourage, implement and celebrate any and all fresh ideas and innovations. And we have our creativity to thank for our capacity to overcome the difficulties that our work throws at us. Our creativity also enables us to come up with innovative solutions for our customers and the livestock production business.

#A: Ambition

Ambition is the fuel that drives our growth: commercial and geographical growth, the growth of our expertise and know-how... We constantly aspire to excellence, endeavour to push back our limits and come up with solutions to the great issues facing our age. Our ambition encourages us to be demanding, whether as individuals or as a collective, and to work hand in hand with any other interested parties.

#R: Respect

Respect promotes diversity, inclusiveness, exchange and mutual trust, and creates an environment conducive to collaboration, creativity and personal development. We must therefore take our colleagues, our customers, our business partners and our shareholders into consideration with all of the respect that this implies. Such a commitment to respect is not limited solely to human relationships. It also applies to respect for animals and the environment.

#E: Efficiency

Efficiency is the key to our operational and commercial success. We strive to optimise our processes and employ our resources to work together efficiently, abide by our undertakings and provide our customers with high quality products and services.

Innovation as a leitmotiv

The CCPA Group continues to push forward to deal with the issues of the livestock sector, both in France and worldwide, through:

Together, with our clients and our teams, we will continue to take up the challenges encountered by the livestock sector by cultivating cross-pollinating innovation, a synergy between regions and countries, research partnerships and our responsible development.

The Group demonstrates this ambition by investing in fields that will be important in the future:


The group démonstrates this ambition by investing in fields that will be important in the future


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