Optimising livestock feed manufacturing processes and product quality


The CCPA Group’s specialist technologists help and advise the directors of feed plants, production managers and quality managers in optimising feed manufacturing processes and the quality of the finished products.

  • The services offered by the CCPA Group’s specialists:

Industrial technology audits:

  • Studies on the development of production facilities in the context of expansion and/or diversification of business activitie

  • Qualification of unit operations: dosing, grinding, mixing, granulation, etc.

  • Audits of metrology techniques, maintenance, etc.

  • Diagnostics of wastage control, energy use, etc.

  • Technological watch to detect and/or implement innovative technologies

  • Specifications for equipment installation, etc.

Formulation and facility consultancy :

  • Technology impact studies on the behaviour of raw materials and finished feeds, the physical quality of feeds and on nutritional values.

  • Implementation of new raw materials

  • Homogeneity test on the distribution of liquid additives

  • Transfer test

  • Homogeneity test on the distribution of liquid additives

  • Galenic tests

  • Pilot facility for moving from laboratory to actual trials

Training and assistance:

  • Feed technology

  • Recommendations and potential problem areas regarding regulations

  • Knowledge sharing and discussions with clients

  • Information interface with TECALIMAN

The CCPA Group has also developed an innovative manufacturing procedure for poultry premixes: Nucléor®. Read more out about this technique by clicking here.

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