Combating mycotoxins

The risk of feed contamination by mycotoxins affects every part of the world. Difficult to eradicate because they are very resistant to heat, cold and granulation, mycotoxins are also difficult to identify because they do not induce specific symptoms and interact with each other in ways that make it impossible to predict their effects. The CCPA Group has developed a multi-species offer of solutions and services, Ato®, to guarantee production performance where there is a risk of feed contamination by mycotoxins.

Mycotoxins, a serious issue in livestock farming

Mycotoxins are secondary fungal metabolites that are toxic to humans and animals.

We can distinguish five main families of mycotoxins:

  • Fumonisins 
  • Ochratoxin A
  • Zearalenones 
  • Trichothecenes (including DON and T-2 and HT-2 toxins)
  • Aflatoxins 

However, the structure of mycotoxins varies considerably and no fewer than 300 forms of different metabolites have been catalogued. Invisible, odourless and tasteless, they are particularly difficult to detect. At the present time, their prevalence is considerable, since it is believed that up to 60 to 80% of worldwide harvests are contaminated worldwide!

The toxic effects of mycotoxins on animals are manifold, with combinatory effects between different mycotoxins:

  • Fumonisins have a negative impact on nervous and pulmonary functions

  • Ochratoxin A damages hepatic, renal and digestive function and the immune system and is a carcinogenic factor

  • Zearalenones damage the function of the endocrine system and the reproductive system

  • Ancreles trichothecenes DON and T2 have a negative impact on the reproductive and digestive systems

  • Aflatoxins damage the hepatic and reproductive function and the immune system and are carcinogenic factors

As mycotoxins are particularly resistant to cold, heat and granulation and are not proteic in nature, no immunisation exists in animals. To deal with this issue, the CCPA Group has developed nutritional solutions to guarantee animal performance in the event of feed contamination by mycotoxins.

Reveal and act against mycotoxins’ impacts with ATO®

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