Brio Liver: Take the lead in the liver factory

Optimal liver function, it’s vital for animal performance

Liver is one of the five vital organs. It is of crucial importance by being a unique immune organ, the largest endocrine gland, the biggest detoxification organ to ensuring the metabolism of fat, carbohydrates, and proteins.

Fat and liver are two intertwined stories, specifically in poultry where lipids synthesis only happened in this organ. An accumulation of triglycerides in the liver leads to sub-optimal liver functions. It leads to lower performances with impaired feed intake and efficiency, laying rate, and poor growth.

A full liver modulation is necessary to allow this key organ to express its full potential and this gathers the exportation of fat along with the optimal hepatocyte’s functions.

With Brio Liver, keep vitality up 

Brio Liver is a complex phyto-solution dedicated to monogastric animals to support performance when the liver is over-solicited.

It is composed of selected lipotropic factors, involved in the metabolism of fat in the liver.

In addition, a blend of plant raw materials (milk whistle, rosemary, artichoke and boldo) participates to support and relaunch the consumption.

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