DIN’s Day - A way to celebrate and work

DIN, CCPA Group’s Portuguese subsidiary, celebrates the 2° edition of « DIN’s DAY », an internal event in which all the company's employees make part of it.

It is already on the next week, more specifically on 25 May, that DIN will celebrate the 2° edition of its internal event, DIN's Day. A day dedicated to the life and people of the company, which aims is to bring together all the employees and develop a sense of teamwork and cooperation.

This initiative begins with a meeting where each department presents the work carried out over the last year and, its perspectives and plans for 2019. The administration of DIN will announce to its employees the degree of achievement of the 2018 objectives and what is the strategy for this year. Concluded the meeting, every employee is invited to stay for a company lunch.

"The aim is to bring all employees together and develop a sense of teamwork and cooperation."

Why this internal event for DIN?

DIN's Day was created in 2018, by the company's administration, with the goal of involving employees in the company's policies, values and responsibilities. The annual activity pretends to make all workers realize what path the company is taking and what is the contribution of each department to achieve it. At the same time, give to know the level of achievement of the goals of the company of the previous year and, what will be the intentions and expectations to reach during this year.

With this kind of events and activities, DIN's administration intends to promote the importance of communication, motivate employees to feel integrated into the conduct of the company and also, provide moments of relaxation and socializing, for example, through the lunch that follows the meeting.


Key figures about DIN’s

  • Creation: 1988.
  • Part of the CCPA Group since 2016.
  • The company integrates 54 people from different areas, forming a multidisciplinary, dynamic and efficient team.
  • Two manufacturing units (for premixes and feed) and an accredited laboratory.
  • In the market position, D.I.N. represents 22% of the complete animal feed produced in Portugal.
  • Besides its national market, the company exports to Angola, Mozambique, Cabo Verde, Philippines, Cameroon, São Tomé and Príncipe.

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