Nucléor©premix, the premix they can peck at!


A unique manufacturing process

Nucléor® is a unique compression process that helps to control grain size and adapt it to the preferences of poultry, with at least 80% of the grains bigger than 0.8 mm. It also guarantees the homogeneity of the constituents of the premix without generating fines during mixing in the factory and when the feed is being shipped. Consumption of the fraction of the feed that contains micro-ingredients (enzymes, vitamins and trace elements) is enhanced.

This process helps to improve laying performance, growth, feed conversion, hatch rate and chick quality and also reduces mortality.

7 good reasons to use Nucléor premix

Nucléor premix food

With Nucléor® premix, the active ingredients are preserved

The technological process used to manufacture Nucléor® premix acts when cold and dry. This guarantees preservation of the active ingredients in the products: vitamins, essential oils, flavourings, enzymes...

Nucléor® premix is suitable for poultry fed on flour feed.

It is incorporated in flour feeds for poultry at a rate of 0.1% to 2%, depending on composition.
This innovative presentation of premix is available for the following species:

  • pullets / layers,
  • pullets / breeders,
  • farm-bred and label rouge quality poultry (no anticoccidials),
  • organic poultry.


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