Our specialist solutions in poultry

The feed solutions in the Poultry range are build on the CCPA Group’s phyto expertise. They are the result of finding the correct balance between the profitability requirements of livestock farms and the latest scientific knowledge. The natural plant extracts, vitamins and trace elements from which they are made have been selected and assembled to guarantee you a high-quality, stable and efficient product.

Feed efficiency: ProActiv'

Composed of 4 products, ProActiv'...

  • ProActiv' Poultry
  • ProActiv Turkey
  • ProActiv Secure
  • ProActiv Flore UAB

Production (stimulation to resume consumption?) : Axion® FeedStim stimulates consumption and performance at the start of laying

The different sources of plant extracts in Axion® FeedStim encourage consumption at the start of laying and help to maintain production performance.

Proven benefits:

  • Stimulates ingestion
  • Improves FC (-5%)
  • Improves the rate of lay (+2%).

Digestive flora: ProActiv'® Secure, the natural way to digestive balance

This synergetic combination of vegetal extracts limits the development of undesirable intestinal flora and helps to maintain zootechnical performances. ProActiv'® Secure is intended more especially for laying and breeding hens.

Proven benefits:

  • Reduction of bacterial pressure
  • Better management of the batch’s health.

Meat quality: Méga® Protect reduces oxidation of the meat and improves its quality

Méga® Protect improves meat quality and conservation (reduction of lipid oxidation) thanks to its formulation rich in rigorously selected plant extracts and antioxidants.

  • Reduction of meat oxidation
  • Reduction water loss from meat on draining and drying and during cooking (-5 to -20%)
  • Extension of the Use-by Date.

Heat stress: Axion® FeedStim sustains performance and consumption, especially when temperatures are very high

The different sources of natural antioxidants in Axion® FeedStim encourage consumption when temperatures are very high and help to maintain production performance.

Proven benefits:

  • Stimulates ingestion
  • Improves FC (-5%)
  • Improves ADG (+10%).

Grain size: Nucléor, the premix they can peck at

This unique compression process helps to control grain size and adapt it to the preferences of poultry with at least 80% of the grains bigger than 0.8 mm.

It also ensures the homogeneity of the constituents of the premix without generating fines during mixing in the factory and when moving the feed.

Vitality of chicks: Axion® Breeder improves the performance of breeding hens and the vitality of the chicks

Axion® Breeder is a natural solution that has a positive effect on the quality and vitality of chicks bred for meat production.

Proven benefits:

  • Improves chick quality
  • Especially for incubator plants
  • Improves laying performance.

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