Professional diversity in animal nutrition and heath, serving client development

Efficiency in animal nutrition and health through ongoing innovation

Innovation is an integral part of the CCPA Group, which has always given it an important consideration. Very early on, indeed, the Group developed its own research and development hub in order not only to provide answers to its clients’ problems but also to investigate new ways to move forward and develop, to provide its clients with a stand-out image, performance, profitability and safety. With its R&D, the Group is thus committed to a strategy of continuous progress in developing solutions for the future based on fresh knowledge: phytoexpertise, reduction of emissions into the environment, improvement of the livestock farmer’s working conditions and animal well-being...

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Industrial efficiency in the service of product quality

More than 50 years’ industrial experience in France have enabled the CCPA Group to become the innovative business partner of choice that its clients in animal nutrition have come to expect. The Group is constantly investing in its production facilities. It possesses several premix facilities, for instance, that comprise the most advanced technologies. In tandem with its own industrial facilities, the Group has also forged ties with specialist manufacturers, enabling it to offer its clients a broad range of solutions and galenics: powders, fine granular feeds, granules, liquids, gels, pastes, boluses and blocks. The Group also offers made to order nutritional specialities through its French subsidiary, Artimon.

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Efficiency in help and advice through a comprehensive 360° approach

The CCPA Group offers a 360° approach to animal nutrition and health. This is based on full-service client assistance and advice that rests on the Group’s many skill sets and all-round expertise: R&D, formulation, technology, zootechny, laboratory, marketing and media, training and skills transfer, etc. The teams of engineers, veterinarians, formulators, technicians and sales personnel offer their profound knowledge of market expectations and, each day, co-construct with their clients programmes and solutions appropriate to needs on the ground.
The firm has thus developed a full range of solutions adapted to the different contexts of livestock farming [link specialised offer page] for poultry, pig, ruminant and rabbit farms. Based on the Group’s research and zootechnical expertise, these products are intended for incorporation in livestock feeds or used directly on livestock farms.

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