Technical Days of DIN - 2nd Edition

It will be during the Days of 29 and 30 of May that will be held the 2nd edition of the Technical Days of DIN, subsidiary of the CCPA Group located in the north of Portugal. An event that brings together producers, partners and official entities to debate and learns about technical topics that are from the scope of interest for livestock production.

Following the guidelines of the first edition, the Technical Days will begin with a lecture regarding Motivation and Leadership, followed by a team-building activity and dinner. The next day will start with the technical lectures, these will be about feeding and animal husbandry. Addressing current issues and specificities, which are of interest to the local community and clients, it is an opportunity to deal directly with the entities responsible for these matters. DIN intends that all the themes presented will go along with the trends of the market, production and innovating products that can be a new subject or have some ambiguity for its costumers.

Who are the speakers at DIN Technical Days ?

From the speakers' panel, the external guests are representatives of official entities related to the activity of DIN and its clients. Highlighting the presence of Dra Inês Almeida and Dr José Manuel Costa from the General Directorate of Food and Veterinary Medicine, an entity that regulates the Animal Feeding sector in Portugal; that will present and clarify some production trends for the coming years: Biocides for the disinfection of animal drinking water and Manufacture, placing on the market and use of medicated feedingstuffs: strategies to mitigate the impact on ADR. It is also worth mentioning the presence of Dra Iara Martins of AICEP - Agency for Investment and Foreign Trade of Portugal, that will develop the theme Buy to Portugal - Agri-food Row. Dr Andres Donadeu of TERVALIS (Spanish Company) will elucidate about one the most recent and prospective methods for the production of antibiotics. From the Federal Institute Catarinense, Brazil, DIN will have the pleasure to receive, via videoconference, the Prof. Dra Elizabeth Schwegler, that will explain how to handle Thermal Stress in dairy cows.

What is the goal of DIN Technical Days?

For this edition, DIN's team intends to exceed the expectations of the clients regarding the organization of the event, that all will feel welcome and integrated into the environment that will be provided. Offer themes that meet the needs of its clients and can be useful for their activity. As well as, achieve the same (or even surpassing) level of enthusiasm shown by all the participants and compliments from the last edition.

The first edition of the DIN Technical Days, in 2017, had about 100 participants and came up with the aim of

  • providing DIN's clients with the sharing of technical information within the scope of the activity they carry out in the expectation of contributing to the clarification of questions and assisting in its development ; 
  • presenting  technical-scientific field studies developed by the Technical Department of DIN and
  • presenting also investigations in partnerships with entities of the technical-scientific world.

All of this at the same time, that they provide direct and personal contact between DIN's employees and their customers, "as it is important to know the people who present themselves behind a telephone or computer" defends DIN's administration.

DIN's Technical Days, not only are a way of the company to project itself in the technical-scientific field, but also an example of good professionalism between the company and clients and :

Demonstration of the values ​​of CCPA Group: C.A.R.E -Creativity, Ambition, Respect and Efficiency.