The CCPA Group: 50 years’ expertise in animal health and nutrition

A forerunner in the field of nutrition & health and reducing the use of hormones and antibiotics, the CCPA Group today offers a full service approach to every species, with product ranges that take full advantage of the Group’s know-how in phytoexpertise and the associated livestock diagnostics. The additive premixes in the AXION® cross-species range, the ATTIRANCE® SPC feeds for suckling pigs or the Ax'Écla® feeds for very young pigs meet these expectations.

Feed efficiency, another major priority in the CCPA package, is worked on with the additive premix range, ProActiv®, in poultry and pigs. This combines essential oils and rigorously selected plant extracts to act on the digestive functions of the animals, encourage beneficial flora and thus improve feed efficiency.

In ruminants, the CCPA Group offers the Vivactiv'® technique, a natural solution based on vegetal extracts, which improves the exploitation of the energy and protein in ruminant feed rations, while limiting methane emission.

Finally, the CCPA Group has been committed for a great many years to developing digital solutions to be used in livestock farming. After developing specialist software and smartphone applications, it was the turn of the new generation decision-making tools to make their appearance. These tools can be used to draft rationing plans, formulate, trigger alerts, help with decision-making and analyse livestock data to manage them better.

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CCPA receives the International Development Prize

14 February 2020

During the 34th edition of the Oscars of Ille-et-Vilaine, which took place on 13 February in Janzé, the Oscar in the International...

The Turkish company BETA TARIM joins the CCPA GROUP

22 October 2019

After 10 years of collaboration, the CCPA Group and BETA TARIM have decided to join forces to better serve the Turkish animal nutrition market.

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