Improving livestock health through nutrition

The research programme that we call Axion® has helped us to develop a preventive approach for the different species at different stages of production. It consists in adapting nutritional input according to the health context of the livestock farm and the natural events that cause stress in the animal: weaning and perinatal periods, transport, handling, vaccinations, high production levels, high temperatures...

Assessing the previous state of health thanks to AXISCALE® diagnostics, which come in a version for each animal species

The fruit of numerous in vitro and in vivo studies, these specific diagnostics developed by R&D and the Artémis analysis laboratory are used to detect any weaknesses before symptoms appear or production performance is negatively impacted. Nutritional input is thus adjusted to strengthen the natural defences, helping to consolidate production performance.

Understanding to make progress

The still birth diagnostic tool for piglets, chicks and rabbits, also developed by the Group’s R&D and the Artémis Laboratory, is a simple, unique approach to progress, standardised for all livestock farms with a high rate of mortality in the days immediately after birth. By identifying and logging all the causes of mortality and its frequency, any action taken can be targeted.

Designing innovative ingredients for animal health

The CCPA Group is a recognised expert in the research and development of valuable nutritional solutions, owing to their interesting effects on the health and performance of livestock, plant extracts and essential oils. We refer to this as phytoexpertise.

More than 30 scientific publications have been produced on the subject by the Group’s researchers. Their work has also resulted in a patent being registered on the use a one plant, Scutellaria Baicalensis, which helps to sustain production in dairy cattle, pigs and rabbits. This plant has also had a beneficial effect on the peak laying period and the improvement of production indicators in broiler chickens.

Expert files

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