Feedstim®, unlock livestock potential

Our current production systems allows to reach high performances thanks to genetic selection progress, a specialization of the environment and high-end nutrition. The drawback is an increased animals’ sensitivity to natural hazards. In addition, certain nutrients present in nature are no longer found in the rations distributed to the animals.

These hazards are mostly concentrated around peri-farrowing in mammals, around transfer in layers and breeders, during growth in broilers and turkeys and with environmental stressors (density, etc.).

To allow animals to express fully their potential, a new nutritional approach is necessary to make them more resilient. This strategy will ensure a sustainable production.

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Adapt for success with Feedstim® products

Feedstim® products are phyto-feed solutions, specific by species, based on patented Scutellaria baïcalensis and natural antioxidants. Scutellaria baïcalensis enhance cellular protection in digestive organs for poultry and in the udder for mammals. As a result, animals’ resilience is enhanced in challenging conditions.

Feedstim phytofeed solution species

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With Feedstim® range, overcome challenges for high performances

Feedstim® products ensure:

  • Better comfort for animal
  • Better lactation in mammals, growth and lay in poultry
  • High return on investment

Feedstim challenges high performance livestock

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Specific products by species to ensure high efficiency

The range contains:

  • Feedstim® Poultry for broilers, laying hens and breeders
  • Feedstim® Dairy for cows, goats, and ewes
  • Feedstim® Sow for sows
  • Feedstim® Rabbit for doe

To set up a customized program suited to your context.

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