Humidity and temperature Sensor: instructions for use

Control the temperature and the humidity inside your livestock building from your smartphone Application ThermoTool™ connected to your sensor .This application is available from the IOS and Android Apps store.

User manual of the THERMOTOOL™ sensor

1 - Principal characteristic

  • Range up to 50 meters
  • Humidity measurement: from 0% to 90%, +2, 5%
  • Temperature measurement: from 10°C to 50°C; +0, 5°C
  • Operating voltage: 3V (2 batteries AAA).
  • Autonomy: up to 3 years

2 - Place the Sensor

Secure the sensor with the adhesive tape provided. In order to have a real vision of the animals comfort, place the sensor at head height of the animals, away from air sources (doors, windows, various opening).

3 - Settings

Once the application ThermoTool™ installed on your smartphone:

  • Place the sensor inside the livestock building.
  • Turn on the case using the button located under the sensor hold of about 4 seconds (a blue light appears on the front, next to the logo).
  • Activate the Bluetooth on your smartphone.
  • Launch the ThermoTool™.

The ThermoTool™ Application detects your sensor when you open the application and offers you the THI captured. If not, check the steps above.

4 – Using the application

Choose a category:

  • Ruminants: Dairy, Lactating
  • Poultry: Chicken meat, Turkey, Laying hen
  • Pigs: Growth, Fattening, Sows

Select a city by search or through geolocation.

5 - The indicators


indicateur vert

  • The animals are not in a heat stress situation.


indicateur orange

  • The animals are in a moderate heat stress. If this situation continues for more than 5 days, a slight decrease in performance may occur.


indicateur rouge

  • The animals are under heat stress, economic losses are beginning to be significant.


indicateur bordeau rouge sombre

  • The animals are under heat stress, economic losses are beginning to be significant.

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