From livestock data processing to digital innovation

With the increase in the size of livestock farms and the growing reliance on data-generating connected facilities, a mine of information is now available and is just waiting to be exploited. For many years, the CCPA Group, a specialist in animal nutrition and health and livestock farming techniques, has offered its expertise in interpreting and making the most of data and in deploying various digital innovations.

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Indeed, the CCPA Group develops specialist software, smartphone applications and decision-making tools for technicians on livestock farms, feed manufacturers and groups. These tools are used to draw up rationing plans, formulate, generate alerts, help with decision-making, analyse technical and economic performances and compare them, to manage livestock farms more efficiently.

In order to provide a better response to issues on the ground and to the latest zootechnical intelligence, the CCPA Group regularly upgrades all of its digital tools and also factors in its clients fresh expectations. The clients of the CCPA Group may, if they so wish, also join a network of “tester clients” who can take advantage of the first versions of any tools developed.

 Infographic group CCPA major player in digital innovation of animal health and nutrition

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