The CCPA Group, an expert in the processing and exploitation of data on livestock production

More than 30 years’ experience in processing and exploiting data on livestock farms

In the context of its Research and Development programmes, the CCPA Group has set up a dedicated skills hub that incorporates IT specialists, specialists in animal nutrition and health and experts in biostatistics who work hand in hand to find the most pertinent modes of processing, to give meaning to the analysis and model the livestock data collected.

This hub possesses complementary technical resources that include:

  • Data scientist skills to process and exploit any interesting data, backed by a twofold competence in agronomy and statistics.
  • A dedicated team of developers of software used in animal nutrition and health.
  • Experience in co-constructing tools with our species specialists, conversant with issues on the ground, the specificities of livestock farms, key performance factors and areas where progress is possible on livestock farms.
  • Project managers to run the major projects.

The CCPA Group’s team of specialists can thus help and advise its clients with the following services:

  • exploitation of data on technical and economic management / technical management of sow herds,
  • biostatistical studies,
  • technical and economic observatories,
  • exploitation of slaughter data,
  • co-construction of predictive models.

From receipt of your query to analysis and interpretation of your various sources of data, the experts at the CCPA Group can help and advise you at each stage. Feel free to contact us!

Connected decision-making tools for farm management

The CCPA Group also develops software, decision-making tools and smartphone applications. High performance, user friendly and perfectly suited to the world of livestock farming, these tools incorporate the latest advances in international research in animal nutrition and cover day-to-day issues and realities on the ground. Widely applauded by their users, farm technicians, groups, feed manufacturers, in France and throughout the world, these tools enable farmers to:

  • draw up rationing plans,
  • formulate,
  • make the right decisions and optimise feed management,
  • analyse technical and economic results and compare them,
  • locate areas where progress can be made,
  • track performance and detect deviations /sound the alert,
  • secure performances in situations of heat stress.

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