Sustaining performance in hot temperatures

When animals suffer from heat stress, their body and their respiratory rate are higher and their perspiration and water consumption increase. This stress causes a slump in ingestion and performance. The CCPA Group has developed specific solutions and services to help poultry, pig and ruminant farms to manage nutrition during these risk periods effectively.

Animals are very sensitive to the ambient temperature and the humidity level of the air. Even more so when their performances are high. During hot periods, they are subject to considerable heat stress which may affect their health and well-being, as well as their growth performance. Such a situation may thus result in considerable economic losses for livestock farms.

To alleviate the consequences of heat stress, the CCPA Group has developed innovative solutions for , pigs and ruminants. These solutions, based on research conducted by the CCPA Group, are formulated with natural active ingredients and have been tried and tested in countries in which weather conditions are often extreme.

The dedicated solutions per species


>> Axion® ThermoControl, encouraging consumption in sows and fattening pigs

Pigs are very sensitive to variations in ambient temperature. A temperature higher than 25°C is detrimental to performance: the quantities of feed ingested diminish and the nutritional needs for milk or meat production are no longer covered. Sows lose condition and the weight of piglets at weaning diminishes.

Thanks to its natural active ingredients, the additive premix, Axion® ThermoControl, helps to improve the sow’s condition at weaning. Her career will, therefore, be longer and the farm’s profitability improved. It also helps fattening pigs to express their full growth potential in very high temperatures.

Axion® ThermoControl lessens the negative effects of high temperatures :

  • Improves exploitation of the feed by increasing pancreatic and intestinal secretions and the digestibility of the nutrients
  • Increases performance levels by stimulating the animals’ appetite and limiting losses of body condition
  • Improves the comfort of the animals.


>> Axion® ThermoPlus, safeguarding the performance of dairy cows and beef cattle

When cattle are suffering from heat stress, their body temperature and respiratory rate are higher, and their perspiration and water consumption increase. This stress causes a slump in ingestion and performance and the risk of acidosis (laminitis, lower fat rating, etc.).

Thanks to the combination of substances with a high ruminal buffering effect and vegetal extracts, the additives premix, Axion® ThermoPlus, helps to safeguard performance in cases of heat stress :

  • Sustains ingestion
  • Boosts performance, thanks to a favourable effect on ingestion and digestion :
  • +1 to 2 litres of milk per cow
  • +100 to 200 g of ADG for beef cattle
  • Improves the fat rating by 1 to 3 g/l
  • Improves the comfort of the animals.

ThermoTool®: the application that measures heat stress

The CCPA Group has developed a dedicated, free mobile application for smartphones: “ThermoTool” in order to easily identify the heat stress level on the livestock farm and get appropriate nutritional advice to lessen the repercussion of such heat stress.

>> All you need to know about the “ThermoTool®” application

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