Phytoexpertise: a research priority at the CCPA GROUP

PHYTOEXPERTISE: know-how developed by the CCPA GROUP

A forerunner in its sector of business, the CCPA GROUP began this R&D work into learning about and making the most of plant extracts and essential oils in animal nutrition more than 15 years ago. The aim at that time was to free ourselves of certain chemical compounds used in animal nutrition toimprove the digestibility of the feed rations. Among other things, this work led to the launch of the first generation of VIVACTIV'® additive premixesfor dairy cow feeds in the 2000s and, in 2005, new products with a positive effect on the flora of poultry.

With the passage of time, this focus on PHYTOEXPERTISE was stepped up and combined with the focus on NUTRITION & HEALTH in the CCPA GROUP’s R&D work (to find out more, see the page Nutrition-Health).

Significant research resources dedicated to phytoexpertise and product inspection

To be efficient, phytoexpertise in livestock feed means using serious resources, whether for product research and development or analytical control of the plant extracts and essential oils used in the products. Significant technical investments have been made in the CCPA GROUP’s analysis Laboratory in Janzé, with the acquisition of cutting edge equipment: gas chromatography allied with mass spectroscopy.

Today, what we have learned in phytoexpertise is exploited in any number of CCPA GROUP products - nutritional feed supplements, mineral feeds, dietary feeds, additive premixes - and marketed in France and in the export markets.

The essential stage of R&D in making the most of active vegetal ingredients in nutrition


The essential stage of R&D in making the most of active vegetal ingredients in nutrition

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