Supporting animal health and performance by limiting antibiotic use

Already in the fifth century BC, Hippocrates was urging us to "let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"! This famous maxim has never been truer than it is today, whether in respect of human or animal food. Since the beginning of the 2000s, the CCPA Group has been studying the impact of nutrition on the resistance of animals to their environment. The objective of the Axion® multi-species approach, the fruit of this far-reaching research work, is to raise healthy livestock with minimal antibiotic use. The programme relies at once on a comprehensive range of nutritional additives, dietary feeds, health solutions and related diagnostic services.

Supporting the health of livestock animals:

Throughout their lives, animals are affected by various bacteria and viruses linked to their environment. There are also phases in livestock farming and risk situations in which they are particularly sensitive to these pathogens, stress and inflammation, which will impair their production performance: birth, weaning, the perinatal period, during allocation and handling, etc. The CCPA Group has developed various diagnostics tools that can be used to make a quick assessment of the health risk level on the livestock farm and take appropriate measures, such as Axiscale diagnostics to evaluate the level of oxidative stress in the animals.

To defend themselves, animals can call on two kinds of immunity: congenital immunity passed on by their mother at birth and acquired immunity, which is built up progressively from contact with their environment. Nutrition has a direct and indirect effect on the formation of these two kinds of immunity. Indeed, the optimal nutrition of the mothers helps to improve the health and resistance of their offspring. As for acquired immunity, it is closely linked to the establishment of intestinal microbiota. Certain ingredients and raw materials help to stimulate the development of beneficial microbial flora and protect the integrity of the intestinal barrier.

The CCPA Group has worked on these two aspects and developed nutritional solutions suited to each animal species.

The principal nutritional solutions per species:



>> FeedStim range: A nutritional additive incorporated in the premix or feed, FeedStim includes various sources of vegetal extracts that encourage feed consumption under difficult circumstances (peak lay, thermal stress) and help to maintain product performance.

>> ProActiv’® range: Respectful and inspired by the physiology of poultry, ProActiv’® nutritional solutions contribute to a beneficial intestinal microbiota. They thus support the improvement of production performance and animal comfort.




>> IMMAX®, secures piglet’s gut for optimal health and growth in post-weaning.







vache>> Feedstim Dairy : The calving period is particularly delicate for dairy cattle, which suffer from considerable inflammation. A feed solution incorporated in the premix and feed or in top feeding in the feed ration, Axion®Start helps to manage the beginning of lactation to improve dairy production and persistence.

Results from trials conducted in the context of demedication are available for each of these solutions.

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Demedication: adopting a multi-factor approach:

Doing away with the use of antibiotics means having to put biosafety and prevention measures in place, without which production performance and feed efficiency will be impaired: 
  1. >> Biosafety means adopting rigorous hygiene measures: disinfection of buildings, water treatment, etc. Deltavit® hygiene solutions have been developed to this end.
  1. >> Prevention means controlling the feed and precise adjustment of the nutrient levels in formulations, so as not to impair the performance, while limiting any risks. The combination of nutritional programmes to manage flora and sustain performance should also be incorporated. This approach, of course, should be adapted to suit the context of each farm and area of production.



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