DIN: a reference in animal feed on the Iberian markets

Acquired by the CCPA GROUP in July 2016, D.I.N. - Desenvolvimento e Inovação Nutricional SA. is established in the Portuguese animal field since 1988. Located In Santa Comba Dão, the central area of Portugal, D.I.N. has as main objective to guarantee the best quality, performance and innovation in all its work, whether this is in animal feed process, technical assistance or management area. For that, the company bets on Innovation, Ambition, Respect, and Efficiency and has a relevant role in meeting the specific needs of each customer, guaranteeing permanent support to their activities in order to contribute to their efficiency and competitiveness.


  • Creation: 1988.
  • Part of the CCPA Group since 2016.
  • The company integrates 54 people from different areas, forming a multidisciplinary, dynamic and efficient team.
  • Two manufacturing units (for premixes and feed) and an accredited laboratory.
  • In the market position, D.I.N. represents 22% of the complete animal feed produced in Portugal.
  • Besides its national market, the company exports to Angola, Mozambique, Cabo Verde, Philippines, Cameroon, São Tomé and Príncipe.


D.I.N. SA. develops and produces a range of premixes, starter feeds (particularly for piglets) and nutritional specialties for livestock feed, as well as markets raw materials. Recognized in its market as a technical firm, it enjoys a reputation in nutrition and industrial know-how. D.I.N. SA relies on its R&D laboratory and the synergies implemented with the CCPA Group to offer its clients innovations tested and experienced, and high-quality solutions.


D.I.N. SA stays abreast of developments in its markets, especially in the field of organic production. Certified for the manufacture and marketing of products intended for use in organic farming, DIN SA can thus offer those of its clients committed to this policy all the guarantees and compliance with requirements vital to their development in these very promising market.

With a huge array of customers ranging from compound feed factories, self-producers who make their own animal feed to livestock producers, D.I.N. SA has the care and attention of design each animal feed taking into account the specific needs of each client.

The company maintains partnerships with various entities related to the activity of animal nutrition, in order to keep up to date and continuously improve the products and various services, between then specialist veterinary services and full-service laboratories, including analytical services; that provides to its customers.


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