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At the CCPA Group, innovation begins with the important work undertaken by specialist engineers, veterinary nutritionists and researchers, and brings about continuous improvement in our knowledge of animal nutrition and health. The CCPA Group publishes and highlights the latest advances in its R&D in scientific publications, posters and oral presentations at open days and international research symposia.
Such research also takes shape in the creation of technical services and solutions that can be used by our clients.

You will find below various scientific publications by the Group.
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Plant extracts,

Use of plant extracts to improve rumen development, health and performance in young goats - CSIC EEZ - Belanche 1 A , Arturo Schaan 2 M, Leboeuf 2 L, Jimenez 1 E, Yáñez Ruiz 1 D.R. and Martín García 1 A.I. Rowet-INRAE Belanche

Feed Efficiency,

In vitro assessment of enzymatic phytate dephosphorylation during digestive process of different feeds and feed ingredients - Animal Feed Science and Technology - A. Riviere, T. Nothof, R. Greiner, S. Tranchimand, N. Noiret, F. Robert, M. Mireaux

Feed Efficiency,

Sow environment during gestation: part I. Influence on maternal physiology and lacteal secretions in relation with neonatal survival - dans la revue "Animal" - MERLOT E., PASTORELLI H., PRUNIER A., PÈRE M.C., LOUVEAU I., LEFAUCHEUR L., PERRUCHOT M.H., MEU

Feed Efficiency,

An in vitro system to assess the enzymatic dephosphorylation of phytate during digestion process of differents materials - Biotrans, 07-11/07/2019, Groningen, Pays-Bas - RIVIERE A., NOTHOF T., GREINER R., TRANCHIMAND S., NOIRET N, ROBERT F., MIREAUX M.

Feed Efficiency,

Effect of Turboviv' phytochemicals on soybean meal protein degradation using in-vitro method - ADSA Annual Meeting , 21/24/06/2020 - BALLARD V., ROBERT F., MIREAUX M., BOUDON A.

Plant extracts,

Effect of an association of plant extracts on white-striping and wooden breast appareance in chicken breast (poster) - ESPN, 10-13 Juin 2019, Pologne - BEBIN K., GARDAN-SALMON D., PANHELEUX-LEBASTARD M.

Stress management,

Effect of the flavonoid baicalin on the proliferative capacity of bovine mammary cells and their ability to regulate oxidative stress - PEERJ.COM (05/03/2019) - PERRUCHOT M.H., GONDRET F., ROBERT F., DUPUIS E., QUESNEL H., DESSAUGE F.

Plant extracts,

Dietary supplementation of Scutellaria baicalensis extract during early lactation decreases milk somatic cells and increases whole lactation milk yield in dairy cattle - PLOS One, 23/01/2019 - OLAGARAY K.E., BROUK M.J., MAMEDOVA L.K., ROBERT F., DUPUIS E.

Feed Efficiency,

Rumen protected lysine / Comparison of 5 products using 2 in-vitro procedures - EAAP, 1-4 Décembre 2020 - MIREAUX M., PINARD T., CZERNIKARZ F., FAURE C.

Feed Efficiency,

Altered rumen fermentation patterns in lactating dairy cows supplemented with phytochemicals improves milk production and efficiency - Journal of Dairy Science, 01/2020, V.103 N°1 - GRAZZIOTIN R.C.B., HALFEN J., ROSA F., ANDERSON J.L., BALLARD V., OSORIO

Meat quality,

Influence of flaxseed and antioxidants association on egg quality (poster) - ESPN, 10-13 Juin 2019, Pologne - HAMELIN C., HUBERT N., MIREAUX M., PANHELEUX-LEBASTARD M.

Plant extracts,

Long term effect of prestarter feed without antibiotics and zinc oxide (article) - Zinc Zero Summit, 17-18 Juin 2019 - DAVID J., ROBERT F.

Feed Efficiency,

A securing piglet feeding program improves post-weaning growth and health without the use of high level of zinc oxide - Zinc Zero Summit, 17-18 Juin 2019 - BEGOS V., GARDAN-SALMON D.

Animal welfare,

Sow environment during gestation: part II. Influence of piglet physiology and tissue maturity at birth sowenvironment - Animal - QUESNEL H., PÈRE M.C., LOUVEAU I., LEFAUCHEUR L., PERRUCHOT M.H., PRUNIER A., PASTORELLI H., MEUNIER-SALAUN M.C., GARDAN-SALMO

Feed Efficiency,

What are the limits to feed intake of broilers on bulky feeds ? Poultry Science, Novembre 2020 - TAYLOR J, SAKKAS P, KYRIAZAKIS

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