EAAP 2022 Congress: CCPA Scientific Community honoured with 7 papers

The CCPA Group's Research and Innovation was present in force at the last EAAP (European Federation of Animal Science) congress in Porto, which was held from 5 to 9 September 2022.

The 73rd annual congress of the European Federation of Animal Sciences (EAAP) took place from 5 to 9 September in Porto, Portugal. The CCPA Group made the difference by presenting 7 scientific papers from CCPA R&D but also from its subsidiaries, DIN, NUTEGA, NOVATION as well as its historical partner, the NUTEC Group and numerous institutional and industrial partners. The research work presented illustrates the innovation dynamics of the Group's Scientific Community in Animal Health and Nutrition with two main themes:

  • The effect of functional ingredients (plants and organic acids) on the health, production and quality of livestock products,
  • New formulation approaches in fattening pigs, sows and dairy cows

The following 7 scientific papers were presented:

Oral presentations

DIN | Use of feed additives in hyperprolific sows in the peripartum period - New approach

CCPA-NUTEGA | Evaluation of butyric acid for the attenuation of inflammation by in vitro and in vivo approaches in pigs

CCPA-DIN | PROJECT ECO-PIG : Use of a new high-fibre feed for outdoor fattening of local whole male pigs

CCPA-INRA | Scutellaria baicalensis - Evaluation of the protection of mammary gland epithelial cells in dairy cows


NUTEGA | Effect of dietary supplementation with sodium butyrate and aromatic plants on chicken meat quality

NUTEC | Effect of a phytobiotic mixture on the control of cryptosporidium in calves

CCPA- VALORIAL-INRA | ACV to demonstrate how optimising dairy cow diets for amino acids improves performance and reduces environmental impacts


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