Strategic reorganisation to better build the future

On 4 October 2021, Mickaël Marcerou, Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Olivier Poli, General Manager, made an announcement regarding the reorganisation of the CCPA Group to all employees. Therefore, to guarantee its development, CCPA will in future be drawing on the resources of a Research & Innovation Division, a portfolio of brands hinging on three distinct but complementary fields of expertise, assisted by a series of Corporate Support Functions and strengthened sales teams both in France and overseas.

The aim of this project is to give the Group the assets it will need to define and deploy the forthcoming strategic plan, following on from the Challenge 2020 plan which has reached completion. The organisation thus planned aims to step up the development of the CCPA Group by anticipating market trends for the greater satisfaction of its customers.

Innovation as growth dynamic

This reorganisation gives Management the opportunity to put Group Research and Innovation back in its rightful place, which was the very reason why the CCPA Union of Cooperatives was founded in 1966 in the first place. The fundamental idea at the time was to create a services firm to provide effective support with the extraordinary changes taking place in the world of livestock farming. The central and key rôle of innovation is reasserted today by the creation of a Research & Innovation Division at a time when the livestock sectors are still undergoing significant transformation in a changing world open to international markets. 

Arnaud Wieczorek will be in charge of managing this new Division. Backed by his career focusing on the management of innovation and the valorisation of research, he has held positions in Innovation Management for more than five years and was a member of the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors at the Roullier Group. 

Core functions revisited​

The Group is announcing several appointments intended to strengthen added value contributions from the Divisions and the Corporate Support Functions to the overall organisation of the various entities in the CCPA Group: process optimisation, services aimed at other divisions and subsidiaries, digitalisation… “Having a broader scope of global action at our disposal at head office is also the objective that we have set for ourselves with this additional reinforcement and expertise,” Olivier Poli points out. 

Maëg Videau, who began his career at Deutsche Bank consulting on mergers and acquisitions and long-term financing operations, and then gained fifteen years’ experience in financial and operations positions at the Loxam and Samsic groups, is joining the Group as Administrative and Financial Director.

Catherine Barbier has been appointed Human Resources Director. The position has been created to strengthen the CCPA Group’s Human Resources development policy and focus more particularly on overseeing the Group’s expansion into international markets. Catherine’s career in HR has included positions in several agri-food groups. Before joining CCPA, she held a similar position at Sanders, for instance, at the Avril Group.

Three distinct fields of expertise for a comprehensive offer​

The CCPA Group’s three fields of expertise share a common culture to provide customers with fully comprehensive cover of animal health and nutrition. Accordingly, the first of these fields of expertise, that of the original services and feed solutions firm, covers the provision of products and services to customers, along with recognised zootechnical and nutritional expertise. This field of expertise accounts for 82% of the Group’s turnover and will be managed by Emilien Dupuis, formerly our Development Director. 

The second field of expertise brings together the activities of the design, production and marketing of nutritional specialities, feed supplements, minerals and lick cubes under the Deltavit banner. With a factory in Trégueux in the Côtes d’Armor area of Brittany equipped with the latest production technologies inaugurated in September 2019, it accounts for 12% of total turnover. Clément Le Ricousse, formerly EMEA Sales Manager, will take charge of it with a view to future development.

The third field of expertise, that of functional ingredients, focuses on the manufacture and marketing of additives and specific raw materials. Currently managed by Novation, the Spanish branch of the CCPA Group, it accounts for 6% of the Group’s turnover and will continue to be managed by Andres Ortiz

Clearly defined sales areas​

To support the activities and development of the Group’s three fields of expertise, CCPA will be relying on a sales force organised by geographical area, which will enable it to take market specificities into account and provide offers tailored to local concerns.

France, owing to its historic base and the legal structure of the Group’s parent company, specialises its sales forces according to field of expertise to guarantee dedicated high-level technical and commercial expertise, while ensuring complementarity of the product range across the board.

Around the Iberian Peninsula, already well represented, EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa), Asia and the Americas continue to be our favoured areas for prospecting for new business, for which the Group has demonstrated an avowed spirit of commercial success.

"This is all about creating the best conditions to encourage the Group’s growth in order to offer a richer, coherent product range targeted at players in animal nutrition, based on constructive solutions that combine performance, competitiveness and sustainability” insists Olivier Poli.


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