Striving for a responsible environmentally friendly way of functioning

In terms of how the company functions and the R&D priorities of the CCPA GROUP, the environmental imperatives have been factored in.

In 2001, the CCPA Group adopted the ISO 14 001 quality standard, focused on the environment. The company has been certified for 10 years. This scheme has helped practices to move forward and has given environmental concerns a lasting foothold in the company’s corporate culture.

In 2012, we undertook a carbon assessment to evaluate and reduce the Group’s carbon footprint and followed it up with various internal and external audits to come up with a number of action plans.
A few concrete actions were put in place: an energy-saving policy at industrial level, an energy audit of the Janzé site, measures to save paper, the development of recyclable or non-polluting packaging and bags, encouraging carpooling among employees, systematic waste sorting and management, air quality management, reduction of dust and water consumption...
But there were also the individual initiatives undertaken by all employees, in every department, that helped the company along this path.

Protecting the environment, an issue factored in from the design stage of feed solutions at the CCPA Group.

Environmental imperatives are also incorporated in CCPA Group solutions:

  • Reduction of waste from livestock (nitrate, phosphorus, methane) thanks to an improvement in the digestibility of feed systems incorporating new techniques (yeasts, enzymes, Vivactiv'® and ProActiv'® techniques...), thanks to a better understanding of livestock needs and the biodigestibility of the raw materials used, thanks to taking into account the input of trace elements and minerals contributed by the basic feed ration...
  • New livestock diagnostics, which strive for better feed efficiency systems or assess the condition of livestock, are heading in the same direction. They help to limit waste and develop an approach to complementary feeding with the “right amount, at the right time and only if necessary”. Therefore, Axiscale® diagnostics, fodder analyses or the Nutri Conseil® approach incorporated in the ruminant rationing software Chorus®, are intended increasingly to personalise nutritional input and practices according to the particular livestock farm situation.

These approaches make it possible to make progress, whether in terms of feed efficiency, zootechnical results, environmental issues.

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