ThermoTool™, the application that assesses the risk of heat stress on livestock farms

Assessing the risk of heat stress in livestock

At temperatures above 24°C and 70% relative humidity, animals suffer from heat stress, which affects their well-being and is detrimental to farm performance and profitability. 

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In this context, a specific application has been developed by the CCPA Group to determine the level of risk of heat stress in breeding: ThermoTool™.  Downloadable free of charge on App store and Android, it is a simple and visual tool that allows breeders to anticipate heat peaks for up to 5 days and to intervene quickly if necessary, by adapting their practices and the nutrition of their animals. It is also a practical application that can be used by all types of farms, whether or not they are specialized in a production (meat, milk, eggs...).

ThermoTool™, simple and multifunctional

  • Measure

The level of thermal comfort (or stress) of the animals thanks to the THI (Temperature Humidity Index).

  • Anticipate

The risks in the next 5 days based on weather data.

  • Evaluate

The economic consequences of heat stress and the gain allowed by CCPA solutions.

  • Advise

Advice on products and breeding management to get through difficult periods.


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