Our research facilities: co-creating the solutions of the future

To continue to be high-performance and stimulate profitability, animal nutrition is constantly innovating in the face of a general context that changes continually: new raw materials, new markets, emergence of new societal and environmental expectations, developments in genetics and regulations, etc. The CCPA Group has given itself the means to meet these challenges by forging extensive partnerships with a number of key players.

A dense ecosystem of partners

The Group has always worked in tandem with French and international public research institutes on numerous topics of study (INRA, ANSES, ENSCR, universities).

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Euronutrition: the experimental research station dedicated to animal nutrition

One of the biggest European centres of applied research in monogastrics, Euronutrition’s mission is to develop knowledge and test new solutions for the future and the performance of monogastric livestock farms with in-vivo trials in a controlled environment.
This station possesses a pilot facility for manufacturing feeds, a chemistry laboratory, 4 animal stations, palatability, digestibility, zootechnical performance and animal product quality evaluation workshops.

A network of reference farms: applied research in livestock farming

Every year, the CCPA Group sets up trial protocols in its network of Reference Farms. It brings together more than 60 ruminant, pig and poultry farms, selected for their monitoring, technicality, facilities, size and readiness to test new solutions. In tandem with the nutrition technician, the livestock farmer undertakes extensive monitoring of his herd. The measurements are then analysed by a statistician from the CCPA Group to produce a report on the results obtained. The objectives of these trials are manifold: product development, validation of new products in local contexts, in France and overseas, and with different types of feed ration, practical product validation: palatability, ease of distribution.

An analysis and research laboratory in animal nutrition and health

The Artémis Laboratory has developed recognised expertise in the identification of interesting active substances: plant extracts, essential oils that offer natural alternatives in animal health. It endeavours to quantify and qualify the effect of active ingredients on livestock to provide an extensive analytical base.

GALA Association: 20 years’ research in the service of the dairy sector

Since 1987, the mission of the GALA Association, funded by the CCPA Group, has been to assist with any action that extends knowledge to one or other of the chains in the dairy and beef cattle, sheep and goat sectors.
Its work takes in zootechny, genetics, nutrition, animal health, dairy technology, milk quality, etc. and has already examined more than 80 survey themes sponsored in France and overseas. The GALA Association counts among its members livestock farmers, researchers, industrialists, educators, technicians, journalists, veterinarians, engineers in agronomy, etc.

Its members can thus:

  • discuss various themes and maintain close and frequent relations with an entire network of dairy professionals,
  • gain access to various topics of study and often be the first to be informed of them,
  • gain access to occasionally unpublished work or work which has enjoyed only limited publication.


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