Resilience in livestock farming

Performances of animals can be reduced due to the challenges they may face in the breeding environment. Resilience is the ability of animals to adapt in this challenging environment by improving their robustness. Discover our feed phyto-solutions Feedstim® that contribute to the resilience of animals, thanks to the patented use of Scutellaria baïcalensis.

Challenges affecting animals are becoming increasingly important: larger herd or farm size, change or break in raw materials supply, changes around sensible physiological stages. For instance, high stocking density in broilers can increase inflammation marker by two while decrease growth by 7%. Likewise, sensible stages as fast-growth, peak of lay or peri-farrowing are linked to high level of stress. And, this stress, if uncontrolled, impact animal performances. As a result, it is estimated that animals only express 60 to 70% of their genetic potential.

The need of resilience in livestock farming

Animals need to adapt constantly to these challenges, defined as their resilience, to maintain proper levels of performances. This helps boost robustness, the capacity to express the production potential in a large type of environment. More resilient animals will have less fluctuations in production, and therefore the expected production will be higher so as the animal comfort. Guaranteeing animals resilience is an opportunity for farmers to capture additional margin.

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How to boost animals’ robustness?

Nature holds the keys to help the animal’s adaptation to challenges. In fact, animals in the wild eat a wider variety of ingredients: from 50 to 80 for wild boars and wild ruminants, to 14 plants species and 26 types of vertebrates for red jungle fowls. Notably, 20% of their diets does not have direct nutritional properties like energy, protein, minerals but contributes to maintain the overall health status. Animals have the capacity to select plants rich in active ingredients which help them well-balance their general state depending on the environment.

Feedstim to boost farm animals’ resilience

Today, a new nutritional approach is needed with the reintroduction of specific plant-based products to reinforce natural animals’ defences and contribute to their resilience. That is why CCPA Group has developed Feedstim®, a range of phyto-feed solutions including patented Scutellaria baïcalensis. Numerous proofs showed that Scutellaria reinforces cellular protection in digestive and reproductive organs for a stronger animal’s resilience. Lactation is increased in ruminants and monogastrics while laying and growth are improved in poultry.

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Discover the Feedstim® range:

  • Feedstim poultry for broilers and laying hens
  • Feedstim dairy for cows, goats, and ewes
  • Feedstim sow for sows
  • Feedstim rabbit for doe

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More info about Feedstim® range


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