Improving feed efficiency using innovative methods

Improving the efficiency of livestock feed rations is an important issue, whether for the environment by reducing emissions or in economic terms for livestock farms (avoiding waste). Various diagnostic tools currently exist to get a better grasp of your herd’s feed efficiency and to try to improve it.
To improve livestock feed efficiency, the CCPA Group has developed innovative nutritional solutions in poultry, pigs and ruminants. These solutions have been tried and tested in various livestock farm contexts and feed systems worldwide.

Specific programmes by species 



>> ProActiv’® Range: Respectful and inspired by the physiology of poultry, ProActiv’® nutritional solutions contribute to a beneficial intestinal microbiota. They thus support the improvement of production performance and animal comfort.

>> Axion® FeedStim is a nutritional additive incorporated in premix or poultry feed, composed of various sources of antioxidants. Used in different farming contexts, this natural solution significantly improves the consumption index (-5%) and ADG (+10%), as well as egg production (+2%).



>> Créa® Advance is a premix of additives, incorporated into feeds for baconers in growth and finishing periods. It is formulated from a synergistic combination of vegetal extracts and stimulates the digestive process for optimal exploitation of the feed ration. A field trial carried out in Spain in 2017 demonstrated a significant reduction in feed conversion of 4%. Growth performances also increased thanks to an improvement in the digestibility of the energy and protein.




>> VivActiv'®, a combination of plant extracts and specific essential oils, is a nutritional solution that improves the value of protein and energy in the rations of dairy cows, fattening cattle, sheep, and goats. A truly natural alternative to protein and starch protection techniques such as formaldehyde or xylose tanning, VivActiv'® allows significant savings in protein in feed formulation. The range includes various nutritional additives adapted to diets high in fibre and fat or starch and allows a better feed efficiency of the ration. 

>> ONE, for Objective Nitrogen Efficiency, is a new approach to the formulation of ruminant feed rations that better characterize the protein to nourish the ruminal flora better. Indeed, improving the protein yield of feed rations is a major technical and economic issue in ruminant farming. To do this, it is necessary to specify the protein better, particularly its speed of break-down in the rumen.

Understanding the kinetics of ruminal break-down of the proteins from different raw materials in the feed ration determines:

  • The accuracy of the energy and protein inputs;
  • The compliance with the synergy between protein and energy of the diet;
  • The prediction and control of the risk of acidosis from feed rations.






poultry ProActiv'® Feed efficiency and digestive security

-3% FCR
+3% laying peak

Litter quality

pig Créa®
Feed efficiency -4% FCR
ruminant VivActiv'® Feed efficiency
+ Good rumen function

Protein protection as effective as formalin or xylose tanning​
-6 to -10% methane emissions
-3 to -5% nitrogen waste

*For more information on the results of our trials, feel free to contact us!

The laboratory and the formulation department, key players in improving feed efficiency

To evaluate and establish the quality of the raw materials and fodder in the feed ration, regular analyses are carried out in the CCPA Group’s network of laboratories. The specialists in the Group’s formulation department can also advise and assist you in optimising your compound feed formulas

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