Optimisation of formulas: CCPA technical support and expertise

Feed represents about 70% of the cost of production of animal products. The formulation service allows you to optimize both economically and nutritionally your feed formulas. This optimization makes it possible to select the usable raw materials and ensures that the premix/concentrates developed are perfectly dosed to obtain the best price/performance ratio for your feed.

The CCPA Group assists you in the optimization of your compound feed formulas, through:  

  • Knowledge and consideration of the nutritional needs of animals. The assessment of animal needs is carried out in close collaboration with the nutrition engineers of the species departments and the Group's Research & Development department, through tests in experimental stations and on farms.
  • Taking into account the economic constraints of your markets. The Group's formulators constantly monitor the price and availability of raw materials to optimize the cost of your food formulas.
  • A detailed knowledge of raw materials and additives. The nutritional characteristics of each raw material can be assessed as accurately as possible, depending on supplies and market trends. They are added to the knowledge of the chemical value, thanks to laboratory analyses and digestibility tests carried out in the experimental station. These data are constantly updated within the Group's formulation matrices.
  • A thorough knowledge of the main international formulation software and formulation concepts: unitary, global, quadratic, with nuclei... The CCPA Group provides its customers with databases and remote formulation tools via a secure platform.

Following the implementation of these nutritional recommendations, the CCPA Group validates the effectiveness of the feed programmes developed in livestock farming (coverage of animal needs, performance, etc.) and constantly updates its zootechnical knowledge and formulation tools.


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