The specifications of raw materials: the very basis of animal nutrition

A continuous knowledge validation


Analyses made in the laboratory: the first stage in qualifying the raw material

All raw materials employed in product composition undergo a series of laboratory analyses : NIR analyses, chemical, microbiological and bacteriological analyses, antinutritional factors, mycotoxins, etc.

In this way, the data are inventoried by source and by raw material, with all the nutritional compounds essential to a sound grounding.

> More than 150,000 raw materials analyses made each year

> More than 250 different criteria studied.


  • An expertise on the various nutritional additives available: enzymes, amino acids, trace elements, vitamins....

The CCPA Group's formulation regularly screens the various additives and provides its customers with an objective and independent evaluation of their use in diets: comparison of their nutritional, technological and economic interests, analysis of potential interactions with other nutrients, etc. Based on this important analytical work, the CCPA Group's formulators are able to guide their customers in the choice of the most suitable additives and premixes for their formulas, so that animals can make the most of the formulated feed.

Trials at the experimental research station

Digestibility tests are run under actual field conditions at the Euronutrition station, the leading private sector experimentation centre in Europe specialising in nutrition and management of monogastric livestock farms.
> 1,100 ingredients tested for digestibility on cockerel/chick feed systems, 130 ingredients tested for pigs and 130 ingredients tested for rabbits.

Zootechnical tests are also run. These are used to compare the various raw materials, determine the best incorporation rate and define the value and use of each material in the formulation table devised by the CCPA Group (see below).
Nutritional programmes are also assessed and nutritional standards established for each physiological stage of the animal.

A very accurate nutrients table

From the outset, the CCPA Group has developed its own formulation table, the key to its independence and responsiveness in the face of developments in livestock production and raw material supply.

The data in this database includes:

  • innovative and specific nutritional criteria and concepts of the CCPA Group,
  • standard criteria common to existing international tables,
  • the Group's latest research work,
  • the results of the digestibility tests carried out in the experimental station,
  • the results of the most recent laboratory analyses.

A showcase of the CCPA Group's expertise in raw materials, this database is constantly being expanded and updated, based on the Group's tests, analytical results and advances in animal nutrition and health research.

In addition, the Group's formulation department offers its customers privileged access to a secure extranet, listing recommendations for the use of raw materials.

>> Connection to the extranet formulation.

>> Find out more about the CCPA Group's formulation support.


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