[White paper] Nutrition, phytogenic and digital expertise for more sustainable and profitable dairy production

The combination of formulating optimal rations, the application of natural feed solutions and the use of digital tools helps dairy producers to future proof their operations, boosting sustainability and profitability. This approach is the backbone of CCPA’s strategy to innovate and grow and help their customers with the challenges of today.

More information about our white paper towards sustainable and profitable dairy production for the dairy industry. This work is part of a holistic approach : from research and development to product solutions and dairy farm management;

An essential guide to understanding and taking action

This white paper is much more than just a publication. It is a comprehensive guide designed to offer a complete and in-depth view of the major issues facing our industry. Whether you're a novice or an expert in the field, you'll find valuable information, fine analysis and practical advice to help you better understand today's challenges.

Key areas for action in livestock farming

In this white paper, you will discover several areas on which action needs to be taken in breeding

  • Reduce unproductive phases
  • Reducing the environmental footprint of compound feed and the overall ration
  • Improving health, productivity and longevity
  • Reduce nitrogen and phosphorus excretion and methane emissions

Now available

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