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    A 360° approach to animal nutrition and health

    The CCPA Group - standing for Conseils et Compétences en Productions Animales (advice and expertise in livestock production) - has client assistance and advice in its corporate DNA!...

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    The nutritional approach to pigs

    The CCPA Group has devised a specific approach to meet livestock needs at each physiological stage. These feed programmes incorporate additives and nutritional specialities which have...

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    CCPA Brasil: provider of innovations in animal nutrition & health

    In 10 only years, CCPA Brasil has emerged as a top-flight company, offering Brazil products and services that represent real innovation in the livestock production sector. With the...


CCPA embarks on a new era with the arrival of Olivier Poli, the Group’s new General Manager

31 March 2021

CCPA’s Board of Directors, chaired by Mickaël Marcerou, is making changes to the Group’s governance by appointing Olivier Poli...

Gender Equality Index: UES CCPA-Deltavit scores 78/100

31 March 2021

The CCPA-Deltavit UES has published a professional equality index of 78 out of 100 for the year 2020. This result, which is part of...

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