Anticipating and meeting your needs in Asia

Aware of the specificities of the Asian markets, the team at Nutristar Asia – a subsidiary of the CCPA Group – offer their clients (feed manufacturers, integrators, distributors and livestock farmers) a dedicated range in animal nutrition and health, including services and advice and nutritional solutions appropriate to their needs.

Optimisation of the feed cost, improvement of feed efficiency, management of heat stress or research into natural alternatives to growth factors are crucial technical and economic concerns on livestock farms in Asia-Oceania. 
To deal with them, since 2011, Nutristar Asia, a CCPA Group subsidiary, has offered its clients a range of nutritional solutions appropriate to the demands of the Asian markets and a series of services to help with its clients’ development. 

Discover the solutions available below:


>> ProActiv’ Poultry et ProActiv' Poultry BX​, incorporated in the feed, ensures digestion and exploits the nutrients in the feed.

>> Axion® FeedStim, incorporated in the feed, stimulates consumption and laying and growth performance during challenging periods (periods of transition, laying peak, heat stress).

>> Delta® Stimflash, a nutritional speciality which can be used in drinking water, improves performance in difficult conditions.


>> Créa® Advance, incorporated in the feed, improves the digestibility of nutrients and feed conversion in fatteners.

>> Axion® ThermoControl, incorporated in the feed, maintains consumption and performance in cases of heat stress

>> IMMAX®secures piglet’s gut for optimal health and growth in post-weaning.

>> Axion® Sow'Ax, incorporated in the feed, stimulates colostrum and milk production.



>> VivActiv'®, incorporated in the feed, naturally improves rumen function and the exploitation of the protein and energy in the feed ration, leading to better feed efficiency for ruminants

>> Axion® ThermoPlus, incorporated in the feed, maintains ingestion and performance in cases of heat stress

>> Axion® Start: a feed solution incorporated in the premix and feed or in top feeding in the feed ration, Axion®Start helps to manage the beginning of lactation to improve dairy production and persistence.

>> Delta® Acidoline, incorporated in the feed or as top feeding, alleviates the negative repercussions of ruminal acidosis.



  • Multi-species:

>> Brio® Liver, incorporated in the feed, or Delta® Liver, added to the drinking water, kick-starts consumption in livestock and improves production performance, ensuring good hepatic function.

>> Atofirst, incorporated in the feed, ensures production performance in livestock in cases of contamination by mycotoxins.


Other nutritional solutions are also available. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information!

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